PR Tips for Illustrators

Ask any artist, and they’ll state how important it is to deliver great work to a client. Illustrators are no different, and that’s why the likes of Boneface artist produce such amazing work. And it can be hard getting noticed when companies only focus on working with past great illustrators. Even if it may take time for you to get noticed, here are some tips on how you can become a great illustrator.
• Avoid Trends
It’s easy always to want to go with what’s trending. However, in illustration, this may work against you. Why? Because every illustrator is producing the same work and there is nothing that makes yours different. As such, if you must follow a trend, create one so that the clients you are competing for can notice your work.
• Know Your Audience
This is very important for any illustrator. As an illustrator, you need to determine your audience. What kind of illustrations do you enjoy creating and what is your style of art? This way, you’ll be able to know the clients that can use your work and go after them. It’ll also prevent you from countless rejections from clients that are not in your niche.
• Share Your Work
As a creative, you don’t want to create and store your work. If you do so, how will people notice your work? How will you get clients? That said, you need to find ways of sharing your work beyond the canvas and on social media sites which as you know by now, is where you next customer always is.


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