What we do…
StevensGouldPincus has become a unique source for ideas, contacts and services that help public relations and advertising agencies grow faster, widen their profit margins, and find synergistic merger partners.
Whether in mergers and acquisitions or management consulting, our record of successful projects is unmatched in the industry. So that you can understand how we’ve become so successful – and what we can do for you – here’s an overview of what we do and also how we do it.
As merger and management consultants, we advise clients using our proprietary agency audit, The Gould Standard (TM). This index of PR agency performance averages and ranges is based on two decades of experience auditing and consulting with the nation’s top PR agencies. Our team determines where your agency shines – and where it isn’t living up to its potential.
We can then recommend which advisory and training services that SGP can provide to improve your agency’s efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. We also discern which merger or acquisition opportunities best achieve your goals.
The roles we play when providing
these services include…
·Profitability Strategists – Review your financials and re-package them to demonstrate profitability and potential, and to maximize shareholder value
·Equity Builders – Build the substantial value of your firm
·New Business Developers – Train you to generate new business and referrals
·Presentation Experts – Train you to design more effective presentations
·Turnaround Specialists – Restore your firm to sound management, growth, profitability and a realistic vision of the future
·Executive Recruiters – Find and place talented executive level staff
·Management Consultants – Strategic management consulting
·Packagers – Present your company to accentuate the positives so its true value is unmistakable
·Deal Finders – Find the buyer, merger, and/or acquisition opportunity suitable for you
·Negotiators – Develop term sheets and contracts, and lead the negotiations
·Facilitators – Move the negotiations along, between you and the other party and/or among members of your executive team
·Management Coaches – Serve as a sounding board for key executives enabling them to achieve their full potential